Late late month, Filmore NY’s Tough Old Bird dropped “Harbor Song,” the first single off their upcoming album The Old Great Lakes. “Harbor Song,” finds them expanding their sound slightly, in a way that highlights their rustic, blues tinged Americana stylings.

The track opens up with a soulful trumpet duet, which is soon joined by a gentle beat in the drums. Lead singer Nathan Corrigan’s vocals balance perfectly, with a lilt that carries a certain weariness. The track is extremely evocative, conjuring up images of dusty, yellowed photographs. As the track builds, the layers grow, but at no point overpower Corrigan. Perhaps this is the real beauty of Tough Old Bird; their ability to capture Rust-Belt languor and the weariness of the road without succumbing to it.

Aside from their expanding fanbase, this track will also appeal to fans of Buck Meek, The Avett Brothers, and Townes Van Zandt. Tough Old Bird will be releasing their album on June 28th at Mohawk Place. Learn the material below.

Written by John Smigielski