Detroit’s Touch The Clouds revisit the emo of the late 90s on their latest offering, “Gordie and the Cruisers.” Reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Appleseed Cast, and early Foo Fighters, “Gordie” pairs a soaring guitar lead with emotive lyrics and a warm, approachable mix. Fun fact: you might recognize singer Joe Philips as the vocalist behind the Pokémon: Black & White tv series theme song. About “Gordie,” the band says:

“‘Gordie and the Cruisers’ is an anthemic recollection of youthful freedom, painted with broad strokes and big colors, yet skewing an underlining truth. Exploring gauzy memory counterbalanced by stark reality, “Gordie and the Cruisers” reminds us that sometimes rosy retrospection activates a sense of declinism, and we need to be aware that the fantasy of sunny yesterday often omits the horizon’s dark clouds.”

You can find “Gordie” on Bandcamp, or, learn more about the band here.