Torrey Dudley is a 17-year-old Buffalo rapper doing a great job experimenting with his sound. He’s released a variety of different songs including “Hell Bound,” an aggressive street anthem, and the sing-songy, calming “I Wonder.” His latest release “Lost” is a hazy, melancholic track about struggles with substance and worth. The song’s gradual piano line and the subtle echo on Torrey’s voice creates a druggy atmosphere that reinforces the young rapper’s subject matter. Torrey’s wordplay is beyond is years, playing on words and assonance in lines like “better pray to God that you got blessed,” and “feel like I’m moving in circles, making moves with a bunch of squares tryna move in my circle.” The track also closes with a beautiful guitar outro from Landon Barron.

Despite the lyrical content of “Lost,” Torrey is sure finding his way as an artist. His melodic voice and ability to create atmospheres are an exciting hint at what he can release in the future, and it’ll be fun to watch happen. Listen to the track below.