Musical diversity is the name of the game at Gypsy Parlor tonight. You wouldn’t want to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner (unless that thing was pizza) and you wouldn’t want to see the same band with different faces playing three sets in a row. Tonight, each band will bring their own unique style to the stage and do whatever they can to rock your bones.

Rustic Radio takes the stripped down feel of rocking around a campfire and mates it with deep, soulful lead vocals that pierce into your being. Dipping their brush in the blues and spraying it over a canvas of rock, they flay audiences blazing originals, and supplement them with unique takes on cover songs. You will be drawn to the stage, and if anything, the vocals will never let go of your ear.

You can call it shoegaze, but you’ll be doing more than getting intimate with your laces when The Nigh hits the stage. Pry your chin off your chest with a crowbar and allow the music to pull your strings like a puppet-master. You’re not getting any younger, and there’s little chance you’ll regret it. Matchmaking with the better elements of indie rock and electronic music, they’ve created an angst ridden and morose lovechild who might need to see a therapist, but you’ll thank them for helping you vex some of your own mental anguish.

Cosmic Shakedown is as wild and funky as their name suggests. The sound is an interesting transmutation of psychedelic, blues, and muddy grunge. It’s the dark and gritty side of Americana without being too frightening, but still violent enough to make you energized, with moments to catch your breath and ponder the meaning of life.

I can find out virtually nothing about Everett Lonesome and Ill Monroe on the internet (which is where I am trapped forever) so you know they’re deep in the trenches of the local music scene. Go to the show and prepare to be surprised.

Gypsy Parlor, 3 bucks, start swinging through the door around 7PM.