For some people, Thanksgiving has made this whole week one big weekend. For others, especially folks working in retail, it’s been a few pieces of turkey and a mad dash back to work to sell people happiness.

My point: we’re just coming out of that haze. It’s the real weekend now and your familial, occupational and gastronomical responsibilities are hopefully, momentarily behind you.

So if you’re so inclined, check this show at Milkie’s. We’ve got The Beggar’s Best bringing some rock on the grunge spectrum that touches on Nirvana and Sonic Youth while still leaving room for poppier moments. And we’ve got Zealot, WNY’s fuzz-rock-shoegaze-college-indie-punk-grunge-noise-rock-lo-fi-princes-or-kings-or-paupers. You’ll be delighted.

Kicks off at 9:30 pm. Facebook event here.

(photo credit Nick Karp, by the by, check out his photography which is dope)