As a wise person (at the top of the Facebook event) said, “Buffalo rools cuz there are a lot of gigs every week : ^ ).” He was teasing this week’s Punk ‘N Tots show over at Broadway Joe’s, but I’m going to steal his words to tease tonight’s show at Black Dots, featuring Oakland’s Yi, along with Alpha Hopper and Blackie & the Vanilla Sex. Right off the heels of yesterday’s doubleheader (which, at the time of writing, will be kicking off in a few hours), Black Dots is hosting another noisy, rock ‘n roll style extravaganza.

YI will be visiting us on the third date out of their tour supporting their new release, Crying. Give it a listen. They’re some fuzzy punks that have the ability to bust out Yuckish pop (see “Going Dumb”), melodic, Cheap Trickish breaks (see “The Bus”) and harder fare that will make your spirit reverberate with glee if you feel ugly inside (see the title track, which closes the album). If you are hungry for more comparisons, Metz is the closest band coming to mind.

They’ll be joined by known quantity Alpha Hopper, noisy locals you know and love who know how to sit on a riff and make it nice and weird. Also playing: unknown quantity and newly-formed local supergroup Blackie and the Vanilla Sex, made up of members of Thaals, Hot Tip and Sperm. You probably know more about ’em than I do, so if you wanna yell their details in the comments, I’m curious. Otherwise, just check out the whole shebang tonight.

Six bucks at the doors. Doors at 6 pm, music at 7. Facebook event here.