Scumbag Booking presents Yellow House (members consist of those from Skateboard, Love Canal, and Tomoreaux) at Dreamland this evening. Yellow House fronts shoegaze rock that will keep you bouncing off each others’ shoulders. The group is releasing their first album, Songs from Limbo, via cassette tape.

The trio is backed by The Slums, Hypoluxo, and the Sonny Baker Band. As expected, The Slums will pound the hell out of your ears and brain. Hypoluxo is a dreamy post-punk group from Brooklyn. Though they keep it lighter than the others on the roster, they float unsteadily enough to stir you up and mesh with the lineup. Sonny Baker is a local favorite who reinvents the work of those like J Mascis. The fuzziness of Flesh It Out will be sure to stoke the fire.

The show is at Dreamland and is at 7pm. Your night inside the building will end at 11pm. If you’re a kind soul, consider bringing an extra $5 for Hypoluxo’s gas money. You can stream Yellow House’s “Human Error” and “Already Written” below. You ought to show up so you’re not “… sitting at home denying [your] dissatisfaction.”