Thrash, garage rock, indie alternative, math rock – I’m not here to put Minnesota’s Why Not in any sort of box. The band rides into Sugar City tonight in the midst of loaded January tour 18 high octane shows in like 22 days.  Song to song, measure to measure, the trio are filled with unpredictable sonic surprises. Buffalo gets tonight’s edition of the band’s thrashing guitar riffs and breakneck percussion, highlighted in songs “Pink Hat” and “Ready for the World.”

The off-beat Minnesota groovesters are joined on the card by catchy local garage rockers Adjacent Jason, along with must-see Phriendly Phoes and the dynamic Wolf of Waltzer.

It’s $8 to get in the door at Sugar City tonight, and doors open at 6pm for all the ages you can think of.

Check out Why Not’s latest video for “No Suggestions Here” below: