If you need a little excitement to liven up your Easter weekend, you’d be wise to catch Well Worn Boot – possibly the most shocking band in town – at Nietzche’s tonight, for the release of their new EP and corresponding comic, Boot In Space. If you’ve never heard the band, you’re in for a completely unique experience. Imagine if Primus, The Cramps, Motorhead, and Jethro Tull were all put it a blender, and you’d have a reasonable idea of what their sound is like, but really, they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Their music prominently features the flute alongside driving baselines, and old-school psychobilly guitar riffs, and they seem to take equal inspiration from punk, prog, and shock rock. The result is something wholly unique, and quite unsettling for those who aren’t prepared for it. The new EP figures to be yet another head rush of innovative, genre-bending music, and the release party should be an absolute riot. The band will also be releasing a comic of the same name to go along with the album. You can head over to Queen City Bookstore at 3pm to meet the band and pick up a copy of the new comic/EP for only $5. Otherwise, the show starts at 9, and will also feature The B-Side DubsMr. BonelessThe Fredtown Stompers, and Pants and the Family.