You know that moment when you hear the first few notes of “Gangster’s Paradise” and you aren’t really sure if it’s Coolio or Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise” yet? Then subsequently start singing Weird Al anyway because those are the lyrics you know better. As a child of the 90’s, this was my experience, but I’d bet children of both the 80’s and 00’s have similar experiences with Weird Al songs, whether it’s “Eat It” (“Beat It”), “White & Nerdy” (“Ridin’ Dirty”), or one of his new hits like “Handy” (“Fancy”). After decades of his satirical wackiness, Weird Al doesn’t just parody culture, he helps shape it.

Coming off the huge success of his latest album, Mandatory Fun, Weird Al will play the Mainstage Theater at UB’s Center for the Arts for a sold out show tonight. He has always had a dedicated following here, and with Weird Al’s career reaching his arguably biggest high yet (winning a Grammy and having a Top 40 single for the 4th decade in a row!), it should be an outstanding, fantastical, polka-fueled good time. Music begins at 7:30pm.