So in case you have been living underneath a rock, or in a sinkhole, you probably already know that there is a ‘lady band’ fest going on this weekend, under the very fitting title of Vaggie Fest. Instead of a single day festival, which for the past three years has been happening at the Polish Library on the East Side of Buffalo, year five of Vaggie Fest will be expanded to three days. Day one starts this evening at Broadway Joe’s as part of their Punk N Tots series, returning to Joe’s again tomorrow night, followed by the festival concluding at Ocean Garden Oriental Foods on Saturday afternoon over on Niagara Street.

Tonight at Broadway Joe’s, three day passes will be available for $20 (or $7 if you can only make tonight), which will get you a cool handmade ticket and a shiny bracelet if you so choose to indulge in one. The lineup for this evening will include Buffalo’s best not-so-secret kept secret, The Fleshy Mounds, New Orleans hardcore outfit Lock Robster and The Unidhamer, and Rochester’s Big Brain & The Drug Cartel. Also on the bill are locals Alpha Hopper and Sun Black Smoke.

Music starts at 9pm, and while this is a 16+ show, everyone, even geriatric grandpas, needs an ID to get in. No ID, no show. There’s plenty of street parking, but you also can park across the street in the NFTA parking lot. Save yourself some dramatic hassle and do not park in the Donut or Hair Salon lot because they will ticket and tow your whip. Also, make sure you tip your bartender.