TOKiMONSTA will be returning to Buffalo tonight to shower an ecstatic crowd with eclectic sample constructions that translate into dreamy beat-scapes. A conjurer of  syncopated enchantment, her samples are results of devout vinyl rummaging and by combining these clips with choppy rhythms and melodic synth backdrops. Over the years, the Brainfeeder member has become known for producing spacey down-tempo tracks with a soulful, old school flair.

What you hear tonight will be no exception. In fact, she’ll be delivering tracks from her latest album, Desidirium, which was only released two weeks ago and aside from her newfound leanings towards elements of trap music, let’s just her bass game has never been so on point. Silky moog phatty notes and low-end dance stabs color her tracks with depth and a new dimension of danceability. Furthermore, various r&b vocalists are featured, transforming some of her hip-hop instrumentals into full fledged songs.  Calling all electronic and hip-head heads, head to the Waiting Room tonight for an experience you will not want to miss. Doors open at 8pm and entrance is $15. Catch you there.