Legendary rock pioneer Todd Rundgren returns to the Queen City tonight for a show at Town Ballroom with special guest and collaborator, Los Angeles DJ DāM-FunK, that’s sure to either blow your mind or confound the beejesus out of you. Which is awesome by the way, because this will definitely not be the greatest hits show we got at Canalside two years ago, not that there was anything wrong with that. Rather, this will be Todd in full “visionary” mode: largely eschewing guitars for synthesizers, leaving bass guitar god Kasim Sulton at home, and most interestingly and tantalizingly, teaming with a DJ.

Vintage Todd in action, tonight he’ll be taking his art and his audience into new territory whether they like it or not, and that’s always exciting. Tickets are still available for $30 and the Town Ballroom doors open at 7pm.