Here’s the key to being a cool rock’n’roll band: Authenticity. Real deal, tried and true grit, spunk and ‘tude. You can have the riffs, the looks…even the swagger can be faked. But Authenticity is something that can only be felt.

The Silks are as true as it gets. Heavy, soulful, boogie-in-the-heels rock that harkens back to the days when rock’n’roll was the coolest thing on the planet. A true mish-mash of Mountain thunder, ZZ sleaze, and Hooker-blues, the Silks feel right…and that’s a cool thing.

Along for the ride tonight our Silky Rhode Islanders are accompanied by Buffalo’s own kings of groove, Second Trip and Lockport Boogie-merchants, Handsome Jack. $5 to swing at where else? The ‘Hawk.