It’s one of the most iconic logo’s in rock’n’roll. The Misfits‘ skull can be spotted miles away; often greeted with enthusiastic shouts and howls. Whether a punk rocker or casual music fan, everyone recognizes it, even if they aren’t exactly sure what it refers to. Much like KISS, albeit, a darker, faster and more menacing version, The Misfits have turned that logo and their brand into a brand-name. They are now known, because of it, which is strange because I remember them as the underground punk band that all my friends worshipped. This popularity has won them some fans and lost them some fans. One thing is undeniably true about our ghoulish friends.

The Misfits are one of the most iconic punk rock groups of all-time and arguably one of the biggest cult bands (i.e. never saw any mainstream success) that has ever walked this planet. And “Astro Zombies” is one of my favorite songs, by any band, ever. So yea….

Tonight, the most recent incarnation of the band (Jerry Only singing) will be putting on the makeup for a show at Buffalo Iron Works (8pm, $30) along with locals, Flood Drinker and Low Road Revival. For fans of skulls, demons, bad language, sick pits, and all the other stuff your parents warned you about.