Tonight should be a rowdy one for Buffalo’s growing DIY scene with two legit out-of-towners plugging in their amps in The Northrup’s basement. PIttsburgh-based duo, The Lopez, is set to head to play headline, if that’s the proper term for a tiny basement show. Self-coined as “snot rock,”  The Lopez’ playful keyboards, fuzzy guitars, and a bouncy drum machine concoct a fun sound that fits somewhere in the middle of a vein diagram of Le Tigre, Sheer Mags, and The Buzzcocks.  Also set to play are Dallas-based punk-group Slimy Member, with local support from feminist-garde Boy Scouts, spooky low-fiers Space is Haunted, and the gripping wails of Jamie and the debt. Get there around 7pm with $5 in your hand to get The Lopez to Cleveland and Slimy Member to Brooklyn.