When I think of The Bloody Beetroots, I hear “1, 2, WOOP, WOOP,” a humming scratching, a ticking clock and the guttural screams of “Warp.”

From Italy, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo is known for his punk influence on the electronic world. He adorns a mask during performance and is known to many as The Bloody Beetroots. Whether it be a DJ set or a live performance, it is more than just dance music. The art of the Beetroots spans time and history, and incorporates cultural influences that set the sound apart from the rest.

Last year, The Bloody Beetroots did a collaboration with Paul McCartney. The music video for that song, “Out of Sight,” truly captures the poetic essence of who Rifo is.

“Electronic dance music is the bridge that spans my musical influences. My intention was to use the energy of punk to give it a devastating new form–one that embraces different universes of sound, the ordered chaos that I live every day, the unique shape that every thought should have.” – Rifo

On the Chaos & Confusion World Tour, The Bloody Beetroots will be swinging by Town Ballroom tonight.

Live Nation and Funtime Presents
The Bloody Beetroots
Town Ballroom (681 Main St.)
$30 at the door
All ages