Saturday nights are for rock’n’roll takeovers, and what better way to celebrate than to spend it at the Polish Library; the East Side’s coolest haunt (612 Fillmore Ave).

New Jersey outcasts, the Battery Electric and Hot Blood, deemed fit to grace our little town with the sweatiest, nastiest, r’n’r their bodies could muster. Full-scale heathen-on-fire, Turbo-worshipping, punk rock. Wondering why the highly hyped Jersey-boys have developed such a serious rep? Gotta get to the east side to find out.

The bill also features a tour-de-force of Buffalo’s best. Johnny Thunders-rip off duo, Raunchy Sex, will be making their semi-annual reunion. Bobo, the Jimmer-led beautiful disaster, as well as garage bangers, Fatal Figures and Gay Boy Berserkers, Governess grace the stage, as do speed-chargers, One Way Terror. In between sets, Buffalo’s go-to punk rock DJ, Malik Saint, will be hypnotizing us with sleazy wax singles.

And what rock’n’roll show would be complete without booze? In addition to the excellent beer selection at the bar, there’s a little extra-special something in store for those who like to drink. Pay the $5 cover and see what I’m talking about…

Show kicks off at 6pm. Get early. Stay late. Party good.