Buffalo’s Sugar City is the host to a jam packed line up full of folk pop acts, both touring and local. Heave, Joseph Meyers, and Honey Coma will be repping Buffalo, ranging in genre from experimental folk to stripped down post rock. Acoustic folk act Ben Morey will also be making a trip down the 90 from Rochester, and Strawberry Runners will also be rolling out. A collaborative effort spanning Brooklyn, Denver, and Philly, the tender pop act will be stopping in Buffalo in support of the new five song EP, titled In The Garden, In The Night.

Doors open for the show at 6pm, and while there is no cost listed on the event page, I would bring somewhere from 5-10 dollars for the touring band. Sugar City is an all ages alcohol / drug free space located at 1239 Niagara street, across the street from the Resurgence Brewing Company.