Soul patches are gross. Unlike the moustache, which looks great on the right guy (I’m looking at you Tom Selleck), or the ever-popular beard, these scrag-strips have no redeeming value. They are simply filthy tufts of hair that pool up under the lower lip and make whoevers wearing them look like an asshole. Soul patches no bueno.

Now if we’re talking about Buffalo band, Soul Patch, well then, that’s a whole different story. The 90’s loving local cover band, featuring Keith and Steve from ETID, have become quite a hot entity in our little town, perhaps because they embody the spirit of the 90’s more than your traditional 90’s cover band. In addition to excellent renditions of “Breed” and “Say it Ain’t So” you have your choice cuts of memorable b-sides and hit songs that you used to love and sing in the shower but have forgotten about almost completely. In that sense, Soul Patch are a reawakening, just as much as a revisit.

Along with Buffalo’s top DJ act Spooky Business (spinning entirely 90s jams), Soul Patch will be kicking out a night of favorites and some surprises at Waiting Room (9pm, $5). Celebrating guitarist Joey Dynamites birthday along with promoter extraordinaire Chris Ring, the night will probably take on a much more “party vibe” than show, so buy the guys a drink if you know em and wear your best flannel. Jeremy’s spoken.