Small Houses’ sound is about as humble as the moniker would suggest. I found it difficult to not be receptive of the warm, smoky folk song stylings of the Austin-based solo project birthed by Jeremy Quentin. With each tune, he figuratively sits you down in a porch chair across from him to tell swelling tales of heartache and summers past. Even from a few seconds worth of listening, it’s undeniable that Quentin projects a voice well seasoned beyond his years — it’s almost like a beautifully fine sandpaper, gruff yet gentle enough to maintain some finesse among the lyrics. Obvious or not, Bob Dylan comes to mind as an influencer, or perhaps at least someone who had similar musings and expression.

Seeing Small Houses perform in one of Buffalo’s most intimate venues is going to be a real treat, especially with the folk leanings of the rest of the lineup. Sonny Baker & Alex Berkley, Tough Old Bird and poet Cayli Enders Enderton will be opening. Be sure to check out the show at Mohawk tonight. Doors are at 7pm, tickets are $6 at the door.