I think it’s fair to say that Slapshot is one of the most famous hardcore bands to ever come from Boston, Massachusetts. They’re certainly the most notorious, with a penchant for out of control shows and borderline militant straightedge dogma (at least in the early days, I don’t think they’re straight now…correct me if I’m wrong). Back on the Map, Step on It, and Sudden Death Overtime are hardcore classics and you’d be hard pressed to find anybody in hardcore who doesn’t have an opinion on this band. Love them or hate them, they are omnipresent, seemingly always there, and, along with Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, and Bad Brains, represent some of the finest in 80’s hardcore.

Tonight the Slapshot boys are playing with a who’s who of hardcore; the crushingly heavy Born Low, Tony Erba’s new band Fuck you Pay Me, GhostxShip, On the Ropes, and Buffalo’s own Longest War, featuring members of some of my favorite deceased bands, Dead to the World, Union, and Chokehold. The Rockin Buffalo (1800 Union Road, West Seneca) is where it goes down tonight and tickets are $17 at the door. A price well worth the mosh to come. Get there early and support local hardcore!