Shilpa Ray has a long and passionate history with the city of Buffalo. The NYC resident has played our little nook for years, both as a solo act and as the front woman for Her Happy Hookers. Since her visits began nearly a decade ago, Buffalo has embraced her with open arms, perhaps because, as the old saying goes, real recognizes real. Shilpa is an artist’s artist; a commanding lyricist, powerful stage presence, and a unique entity in todays mish-mash world of categorized phonies.

An infusion of blues, punk, rock’n’roll, and soul is perhaps the only good way to describe her sound. Look to 2011’s Teenage and Torture for assurance and to have your mind absolutely blown. Girls got pipes.

Tonight, Shilpa will be playing Nietzsches, her main stomping grounds since Mohawk closed, along with the fast-rising duo, She Keeps Bees. As both are known for their eclectic and moving live shows, it’d be a shame if you missed this one. 9 or 10pm on this one.