Dreamland, the new gallery/arts cooperative on Franklin near Edward, is taking Buffalo by storm. Located in an classic Buffalo building on the border of Allentown and downtown, it’s daring but welcoming ethos and welcome sense of mischief has made it a hub of avant-garde activity, and it’s glorious front room doubles as gallery and performance space that’s one of the most fun in Buffalo. The Terror Pigeon/Rich Aucoin/Lesionread show at Dreamland a few weeks back was an exuberant adventure in communal joy, and tonight, the good times continue with Sqajacuada Creeps, Lesionread, and Bryan Johnson & Family taking the front room over and painting it red. OK, not really, but they’ve swapped all the light bulbs for red ones, and everybody’s dressing in red (golden gold is also OK), including the audience, and those white walls are going to drink it up. Doors open at 7, bands start at 8, and $5 gets you in.