My first ever encounter with Radarada was at their debut EP release show last June at Iron Works. I happened to be helping out with the show that night, and witnessed their soundcheck when the venue was still emptied out. I remember being impressed and maybe a little transfixed with how meticulous they were with their setup, levels, the whole shebang.

I watched the show from the balcony (you know, that little overhang in Iron Works that everyone peers up at and wonders how the hell to get up there) and from a bird’s eye perspective, I almost felt it a special privilege getting to see all these separate pockets of eager fans sway and chant about sippin’ Nyquil in the daytime in unison.

Radarada goes down smooth. Real smooth. With a solid foundation of polished jazz instrumentals, they unite the smoky vocal stylings of Ana Vafai and hip-hop finesse of Tommy Too and wZa that remind me of contemporary emcee Wax.

If you’re already planning to go out tonight, hit up Mr. Goodbar. If you’re not already planning to go out, still hit up Mr. Goodbar. When it comes to stage presence and just getting the crowd pumped to be hanging out and listening to good tunes, these guys don’t disappoint. You can catch performances from DJ Grown ‘n Sexy, Kinda Like Dreamin and more throughout the night as well. More info here.

Check out Radarada’s EP, First Edition, below. Show starts at 9pm.