There’s a ton of great bands that call New Paltz home, and Quarterbacks is one of ’em. And they’ll be coming to visit us at the Hive today as an 11th hour addition to their tour, along with fellow New Paltzers Fraternal Twin.

These last minute shows scare the hell outta me, because how can you be sure that people will even know that they should go? And Quarterbacks is certainly worth catching.

Can’t help but compare Quarterbacks to Frankie Cosmos, maybe I’m a hack. But, like Frankie, Quarterbacks on the record is usually a single person (here, Dean Engle) singing poignant lo-fi folk tunes in an observational style that kinda make you wanna smile as you cry a single tear. And, like Frankie, Quarterbacks live is a different beast: Engle is joined by pounding, driving rhythm section and the songs take on new life (at least, if this Shea Stadium set from February is any indication). For real: you could sort-of mosh to a quote-unquote “twee-punk” song about a guy driving with two puppies on his lap.

Their tour is incredible, by the by: if somehow someone in Philly is reading this and they don’t go to the show that also features The Ambulars and Radiator Hospital, I’ll never forgive them.

Joining the touring Quarterbacks: Joe Mason, whose self-titled album was our album of the week not too long ago; Fraternal Twin, another set of talented New Paltzers that recall early Elliott Smith; and Helen, with Andrew Biggie from Bourbon Coffee, who will counteract all these lo-fi feelings with lovely guitar and violin music (if this track is indicative of the whole performance, anyway).

Show is in the attic of the Hive, 362 Baynes, starting at 7:00 pm. Check this Facebook event to find out how to get up to the attic. Bring 3 bucks for the touring bands.