Come check out some interstellar, funkalicious grooves as supplied by Playonbrother tonight at Larkinville, USA. In this melting pot of soul-steeped talent, band-leader (and Buffalo’s own) Alan Evans exhibits the visionary freedom to do more than lay down his traditionally explosive backdrop of drum work—though you can damn well bet he does.

In the studio, he demonstrates a variety of instrumental talent, taking guitar, bass, and even mic in hand. He envisions, he records, he mixes, he produces. And perhaps most remarkably, he is able to bring his broad range of talents into the live arena under an umbrella of direction that successfully blends a fiery fusion of Scofield-inspired guitar licks (Danny Mayer) with whirling strokes of organ meanderings (Kris Yunker) as they tactfully improvise their way in and out of focus. It’s an electric wall of funk-rock clamor, one that screams a skill and style to easily separate itself from any insinuations of Evans’ other and most renowned trio, Soulive.

With the help of Buffalo artist collective, Forealists, the energy should be high and the grooves funktastic as these two groups begin their descent onto Larkin Square.

Show is free to the public; music starts at 5:15.