Tonight Duke’s Bohemian Groove Bar kicks off a series of shows dedicated to the sheer awesomeness of the late but still great Godfather of Soul, James Brown. A joint effort featuring the Allen Town bar, Alien Life Form Entertainment, and Critt’s Juke Joint, Organic James Brown: An American Funk Experience promises to be an ongoing 3 month exploration of funk and groove featuring world renowned masters of funk as Brownman Ali, Freakbass, and Parliament/Funkadelic vocalist Kim Manning. Joining them will be a band including some of Buffalo’s funkiest motherbleepers like Eric Crittenden, Zuri Appleby, Michael DiSanto, and DeRay Jackson, while the Motha Funkin’ Friday Crew makes sure the funk is flowing all night long.

Legendary funk drummer Bernard “Pretty” Perdie gets the series started right with a veritable history of funk tonight starting at 8pm. This is an incredible opportunity to get to the heart of modern American music while shaking your booty like it’s nobody’s business. Go on with your bad selves.