“Let’s pretend we don’t exist, let’s pretend we’re in Antarctica.” I’m sure you are familiar with these two lyrical lines, sung by Kevin Barnes in a droll tone supported by a roaring, peppy synth. If you haven’t, they belong to the ever-popular of Montreal, who will be taking the Town Ballroom tonight. Since then, they have moved on to an inclusive, eclectic sound, riding hard on guitar and experimenting with strong diction in their vocals.

Atlanta’s of Montreal was formed a while back in ’96, and since then, has grown a long repertoire of albums. They are contemporaries of The Elephant 6 Collective including bands such as Neutral Milk Hotel and Apples In Stereo. Most recently, their latest album lousy with sylvianbriar, featured a strong rock and roll edge mixed with an upbeat pop twang. WNYBAC designed the poster for tonight that you can have a chance to purchase for $20 at the venue. Check out more info about the poster here.

Dream Tiger, a feminine duo, opens the evening with their use of subtle white-noise electronics. Singer Liz Wolf captivates with an ethereal, dreamy, drawn out vocal. They will put you in a state of trance before Of Montreal breaks the gaze with an electric sword.

This show is all ages. Doors at 7. Skip over with $19 in your palm.