Buffalo’s favorite lo-fi power punk act Newish Star has some new(ish) announcements! As a follow up to their October release, You Missed Everything Part I, the trio recently released the second half of their new album, You Missed Everything Part II. With a whopping eight minute-thirty second run time and a total album run time of about 17 minutes, the guys stay true to the brief, quip-like tunes they’re known for. Though it feels like the album is over in the blink of an eye, the cryptic lyrics and hooky melodies always linger for much longer.

As an added bonus, tonight marks the start of Newish Star’s November tour, which will include nine additional East Coast dates. The celebration kicks off at Curly’s at 7pm tonight. $3 gets ya in the door to experience the band’s punchy, energy packed set, along with opening sets from Kharlos and Tony Flaminio. Ask a punk for address details.