In the early eighties, punk rock was going through a bit of a transformation. Bands such as Christian Death, Bauhaus, 45 Grave, and Specimen were pushing the music into darker, more conceptually macabre avenues, paving the way for goth, death rock and horror-themed post-punk. While these offshoots never took hold in any mainstream sense, the seed was planted, and an incredibly devoted trail of followers have since come to embrace their blackened expanse. The last few years have even seen a rebirth, and now death rock and goth-punk are more popular than ever.

A perfect starting point for the uninitiated is Lost Tribe, a Richmond-based band that simultaneously pays tribute to the Southern Death Cults, Alien Sex Fiends, and Psi-Coms of yesteryear whilst still exploring fresh ground and moving the genre to interesting places. Melodic, mysterious, plodding and charging, Lost Tribe is at once homage and yet-still inventive. Their excellent s/t tape demands a listen if you consider yourself a fan of this kind of music.

Or even better just go check them out tonight with local UK 82 upstarts, Rotten (UK), Blobs and, Orations. An interesting pairing of punk, garage and goth this is the kind of show that warrants the experience. Ocean Garden Oriental Foods (1235 Niagara St.) is the place and it’s an early one. 6-10pm. Break out the black and re-discover why this music has been so important to you (and why it never left).