Krill is a band with all the right buzz in all the right places. Hailing from Boston, they’ve garnered a super concrete East Coast fan base with their unique brand of what they simply deem “guitar rock.” They’ve settled into this mold of acceptance among avid followers of their label, Exploding In Sound, but they are totally okay with playing for the sake of playing to a crowd that will listen.

Their latest release, A Distant Fist Unclenching, is a testament to their ability to create artful music that is balanced in both musicality and lyrical content. It’s grungy and dark, but equally playful when it comes to thematic elements and overall sound. I was lucky enough to catch the band on an all-star bill in Allston, Massachusetts this past September. Their set left me numb, but in the greatest way possible.

Lucky for you, you can catch them in a much more intimate setting tonight at The Glitterbox. Also in store for the night are Atlanta-based punks from Warehouse, and local openers RED HEAT and Kimmy (formerly Teenage Satan). Show starts at 7pm at The Glitterbox and admission is a measly $5.