Kopps, a four piece electronic dance group from Rochester, have proved themselves to be a potent force within the electro-pop scene. They are yet another Rochester band to break through the regional seal and go national (I like to think of them and Joywave as partners in crime on the road to success). Just recently, their sultry jam “Thermometer” was featured on the Netflix revival of Full House, aptly named Fuller House. How many people can say the gawky but loveable Kimmy Gibler busted a move to one of their original songs?

The band has no doubt found their niche and are unbreakably confident in their sound, but at the same time they aren’t totally defined by their genre either. Each and every show, they dish up something fresh, along with infectious beats, sweat and a whole lot of sexiness for good measure.

The rest of tonight’s bill is stacked to the brim with acts that have started to drum up enthusiasm outside of WNY and aren’t afraid to push genre boundaries, including ambient indie rock band Humble Braggers, avant-garde electronica act Lesionread and Albany’s gloom-tinged experimental pop artist Pinesheets. Doors open at 8pm at Mohawk Place with a $6 cover. It’s also worth noting that this show is 18+. Be there.