Tonight, make a mini-road-trip to Boiler 54 in Medina to catch Jeffrey Lewis and the Jrams, with openers, freak-folk collective from Rochester, Seth Faergolzia and the 23 Psaegz.

I absolutely love Jeffrey Lewis. He is a nerdy comic book hero who has mastered the art of grumblesome talk-singing. Lewis never fails to whip out the best analogies and jokes about anxiety, art, and the human condition—with tongue always in cheek, while still being a very serious sort of folk punk. You might recognize him from his covers of Crass songs, in which he turned the driving line (affected accent) “Banned from the Roxy… OKAY” into an acoustic romp. Or maybe from him waxing poetic about being a “Cult Boyfriend,” or how wonderful it’d really be to get accosted by Bonnie Prince Billy. Come out for a contemplative, cartoony, fun and folksy time. The show is at Boiler 54 (115 W Center Street in Medina). All ages, $10, doors at 7pm.