Sometimes at the end of the day, when all is said and done, nothing makes more sense than to grovel down a slice of pizza with a bottle of beer. If you agree with this sentiment, consider tonight a little holiday. Two of Buffalo’s prime musical entertainers, Jack Topht and JeffRepeater, will be performing at the joint tailored to this golden pairing, Crust Pizzeria on Allen Street.  Repeater has been showering crowds with the city’s finest electronic music for some time while Jack Topht has established himself as Allentown’s veteran rap-star, coining prophetic mantras that have spread far and wide (“Doin’ Beers”). Beats, pizza, beer, and rhymes. Napkin dispenser nearby. Doin’ toppings and fluorescent lights. But seriously, you can bet the formula is bound to transform Crust Pizzeria into the Headquarters of Vibe. So head down this evening, choose your own toppings, and soak in some music conjured by two of Buffalo’s most idiosyncratic artists.

Photo Credit – Lo-Fi Bri