Buffalo will be greeted with the first solo show from popular LA pop act In the Valley Below this evening at the Tralf. The duo previously visited town for both Kerfuffle and UB’s Springfest, but are now back to the city that’s shown them so much love over the past year.

The band is made up of the mid-western pair of Jeffrey Jacob Mendel and Angela Gail Mattson who met while playing in the Los Angeles to form In the Valley Below. You can hear the duo’s history in its music as their specific brand of pop music effortlessly blends the more twangy sounds of the group’s Americana and blues origins with the hazy synth-pop of the LA music scene.

ITVB shot from relative obscurity to mass popularity seemingly overnight off the strength of the winningly romantic single, “Peaches.” The song’s breezy nature and subtle sensuality found the duo a plethora of new fans and introduced their signature sound. Tonight, the duo brings that signature sound back to a Buffalo audience who will no doubt be eager to hear the band once more bring their lovely melodic tunes to our fair city.

Doors at the Tralf open at 7pm and tickets are still available for $15.