After a successful first run for our Herd Fest this past June, we wanted to lay low for a bit. As fun as Herd was, it was an exhausting few months of planning and we wanted to take a little breather from parties and recharge our batteries. So much for that. For our next show, we thought we would resurrect our Heavy Rotation dance party series and ring in the start of the fall semester with a back to school dance throw down.

Tonight at Hardware, the front and back rooms will be taken over by some of the blog’s favorite local DJs. If you missed any of the spotlights during the week, take a moment to catch up:

Rick Jameson

DJ Pizza Pizza


Chauncey Tails

Music will kick off this evening at 11pm with Jameson, aka Spooky Sean of Spooky Business, while the back room will jump off soon after and run all night long. So ditch the books for a few hours and worry about midterms whenever you happen to wake up tomorrow. Doors open at 10pm. $5 cover.