If you’re a fan of Buffalo hip-hop – or you’d like to get on the fast track to becoming one – the best place to be tonight is the Gypsy Parlor, where several of the Queen City’s most talented up-and-coming hip-hop acts will be performing as part of Headshots Volume 2. The latest installment will feature a collection of local rappers including Shuteyes, WZA & Tommy Two of Radarada, Short Moscato (who will also be hosting the event), Nat Wheat, Chronic Collective and Bagel Jesus with Sparkmatic.

Buffalo has an incredibly vibrant hip-hop scene filled with highly talented people approaching the genre from a wide array of different background and styles. If you haven’t been paying attention to it, tonight would be a good night to fix that, and get with the program. The show starts at 10, and it figures to a wonderful showcase for our fair city’s ever-growing hip-hop scene.