There’s a difference between going to a concert and seeing a live show, and as fans of Brooklyn-based electropop duo Hank & Cupcakes know, their shows are LIVE.

Whether they’re covering the crowd and themselves in DayGlo paint, stripping down as the show heats up, or assailing your ears with their “this can’t possibly be music created by just two people” wall of sound, the couple (they’re together, and they’re perfect) literally bring the noise to every show they have.

Buffalo is the second stop on their Ca$h 4 Gold tour, and the album is available on iTunes. Like their previous releases, it’s full of synthy pop beats, heavy drums, lots of bass, and just a touch of disco.

Check them out at The Gypsy Parlor tonight, supported by Carina & the Six String Preacher. Tickets are just $5 and doors are at 9.