Graph Rabbit is a dreamy indie rock act based out of Brooklyn that combines the talents of Austin Donohue, a filmmaker as well as musician and composer, producer Allen Farmelo (The Cinematic Orchestra, Talk Normal), experimental pianist Shy Kedmi, and sound engineer Valgeir Sirgurosson (Bjork, Sigur Ros). You get a blurry, fairy-tale-Icelandic vibe when you listen to the band (performing live as a duo) with some Thom York influences thrown in for good measure.

Graph Rabbit’s debut LP, Snowblind, is literally defined as damage to the eyes caused by excessive exposure to highly reflective snow fields. You go blind and you can not see. Now that’s a concept Buffalo can wrap its head around. Using analog synths, glockenspiel, strong vocal leads, and lots of sleigh bells, Snowblind tells the story of an aimless wanderer searching for harmony. The LP is all about escape, and Graph Rabbit make an effort to transport their listeners to the world they’ve created. So just close your eyes, let your pulse slow down, and your blood pressure drop. The duo will perform the album live, front-to-back, using only analog and acoustic instruments. They believe in taking this risk in order to bring their fans a more authentic; visceral experience. They will also be accompanied by a video backdrop they’ve created to complement the music.

Doors open at Ninth Ward at 7:00 p.m., showtime’s at 8:00, but I’d get there early. Sonny Baker’s opening and you won’t want to miss the chance to hear songs off his latest EP, Mangled in the Front. It’s a pleasant surprise; definitely whisky-drinking music, reminiscent of a more upbeat Nick Drake. And the location – the Ninth Ward, a basement bar in Babeville, a former church downtown – is singularly impressive. It’s beautiful and the type of place where you can’t help but feel lucky to listen to music. What better way to celebrate this long-overdue summer than to head to church for some tunes about snow? Tickets are $10, available at the door.