For those who like to rock, sway and think, I got just the bill for you at 362 Baynes tonight. Minnesota’s Good Night, Gold Dust will be passing through, supported by locals Difficult Night and Second Trip, and presented by our pals over at Steak & Cake Records.

Good Night, Gold Dust plays dreamy indie folk consistently filled out by interesting textures and restrained-yet-catchy guitar lines.  Observant observers may remember Good Night, Gold Dust’s “Thirteen Goodbyes” from Steak & Cake’s Sampler V, though as the liner notes for that release note, that track was more of a collaboration between label founder Brandon Schlia and GNGD’s Colin Scharf (the two are old friends and former bandmates.) The most notable difference, listening to the band’s studio recordings, is that GNGD proper features Scharf and bandmate Laura Schultz swapping lead vocal duties. So take heart: there will be traveling dreamy folksingers of both the male and female persuasions for you to fall in love with from afar tonight.

The other two bands I hope you know by now, but if not: Second Trip plays dope stoner rock with doomy undertones perfect both for headbanging in public and lighting up in your bedroom. Difficult Night features Shane Meyer delivering understated, sneakily catchy lines about weddings and alligators that prove, hands down, that he is more clever than you and somehow endear him to you anyway.

Show starts at 7:00 pm. Facebook event here. No price of admission listed, but I’d recommend bringing at least a fiver for the touring band.

(Difficult Night postscript, by the by: have you seen their Facebook? With posts like “during practice tryin to explain a song part i hear ‘pssss’ look over sure enuf its dave ‘get 2 tha cumshot dipsploog’ he sez,” maybe I take back everything nice I’ve ever said about them. Maybe they must be stopped. Anyway, here’s Good Night, Gold Dust’s “California”)