Tonight, Pittsburgh mash-up guru, Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis), brings his brilliant dance party back to Buffalo for a highly anticipated show at Canalside. A party for the body and the mind, Gillis creates a full on sensory overload experience that also manages to simultaneously stimulate the brain with thought provoking and frequently hilarious mash-ups while driving crowds positively insane with delight. Tickets are $15 for the rabble and $55 for the hoi poloi, and if you missed it here’s Vanessa Lyne’s interview with the man himself.

If you manager to arrive at Canalside early, make sure to catch the urban surf vibes of The Get Money Squad. The buzzing, Buffalo act, comprised of members of Network, recently released their debut EP, Nothing’s Wrong, capturing our album of the week honors.

Music kicks off at 7pm.