Tonight, the up-and-coming lo-fi blues rock singer, Francie Moon, makes her way to Buffalo to play Mohawk Place. The young singer/songwriter has yet to release a full-length album but has produced 4 spellbinding EPs that you can find on her bandcamp. With the aesthetic of all the best early lo-fi rockers like Guided by Voices and Slint, and the songwriting of a young P.J. Harvey, this music has absolutely blown me away. Francie Moon is an artist almost destined to greater things and tonight she stops by our neck of the woods to play all the beautiful tunes that have killed me for the past week.

She’ll be joined by talented Pennsylvanian artist Shane Palko, whose powerful indie-singer-songwriter sound has been making waves of late in the blogger community. The bill also features local staples Alpha Hopper, Space is Haunted, and Mr. Boneless

Doors open at 8pm with a cover of $7.