Tonight kicks off a mini-tour for our ambient indie-rock friends from Erie, Frame and Mantle. In the first of nine tour dates that take the band from Buffalo to as far south as Wilmington, North Carolina, Frame and Mantle will be setting up camp at Mohawk Place with Elemantra and Sea of Teeth.

Frame and Mantle have an EP out right now, which is available for free download over at its bandcamp. While Our Fields Lie Fallow has 5 songs, and shifts back and forth from loud, intense busts to American Football-esque ambient rock. It’s the kind of stuff you’d love to see in an intimate location, such as a basement show. Or Mohawk Place.

So, as the day grows longer and this rain clears up, go download the EP, memorize all the lyrics, and sing right back at the band tonight at Mohawk. It’s $5 at the door and well worth it for the lineup.