Delta Rae, a southern group with a unique, electrifying folk-pop sound, is coming to the Tralf tonight. I’ve seen them haphazardly dumped into the country category, but their hybrid style – one of their biggest songs consists of a chain, a tin can, a bass drum, vocals, and NOTHING ELSE – can not be defined by one or even two genres. I’ve been listening to them for months and I still don’t know what to call them; I only wrote folk-pop above because it sounded decent and sometimes you just have to commit.

Ranging from explosive, downright chilling harmonies to smooth, soulful melodies, their sound is a convergence of all things great, and the Tralf is the perfect place to listen to it. There’s only room to post one clip but I’d love to post them all, so in addition to the one below, check out this song and this song, and I dare you not to buy a ticket.

Doors open at 7 pm. The show starts at 8, tickets are $20 and available here.