If I’m being frank, it’s somewhat difficult to write a Buffalo show preview from a new angle for a band like Del Paxton, a band that has been at it for 4 years, covered lovingly on buffaBLOG countless times, and premiered on a national level by outlets like Impose Magazine, KEXP and The A.V. Club.

What I can say is that Del Paxton is a pretty honest representation of what it means to be deeply immersed in this city’s DIY community.  They play music for the sake of playing music, all while continually supporting other local artists and sporting a humble attitude despite their laudable success. Whether or not its members agree, this band means a great deal to a lot of people, especially fellow Buffalo musicians.

The band’s new record, All Day, Every Day, All Night (out today via Topshelf Records) is a completely cathartic experience. Though it might not have been intentional, the album has a storybook arc. The first few tracks are potent and charged, the middle feels like somewhat of a comedown, and the last few tracks, a recovery period. It’s a thoughtful collection of songs that is perfectly illustrative of the trio’s ability to take pop tunes and make them compelling beyond a good melody.

You can stream the record in its entirety over at Impose Magazine, or you can purchase their record via Topshelf (buying is good!). The rest of tonight’s Mohawk bill features VWLS, Yellow House, Sonny Baker Band and Slow Cooker. Doors at 7pm, $5 admission.

Photo by Brendan O’Connor