Darklands throws a little bit of everything your way. There’s a fuzz-driven foundation, indie pop vocal lines to latch onto, that same magnitude of sound that a post-rock band might project, and an overall shoegazey blend.

The Providence, RI band’s recent five song EP, St Thaddeus, dishes it all out equally. “Hope,” the nearly eight minute long closer to the EP is my favorite song off the release. It manages to have a somewhat lackadaisical attitude that a band like Ovlov carried (RIP), but it’s still melodic enough for you to stay tuned in. It erupts into an enormous, dreamy jam toward the end that I can only imagine will be badass in a live setting.

The three piece plays with Twin Foxes, another Providence based band, tonight at The Tree House (ask a punk). Local support is offered by Avocado Boys (ft. members of Newish Star, Softlines, and Rosy) and Jamie and the Debt. Only $5 for the fun, show starts at 7 pm with music around 8pm. Check the Facebook event for more details.