Buffalo’s Mohawk Place is going to rock your socks off tonight with the help of local and out-of-state punk rockers.

Headlining are the Salem, Mass synth-punkers, Crimps. This four-piece, who kicked off 2019 with the release of a split with Automatic Shoes, specialize in catchy, no-nonsense punk beats sugarcoated with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed synths. Take that and mix in some lo-fi, sing-a-long harmonies and you’ll be crowd surfing and stage diving in no time. Don’t miss this welcomed breath of fresh air tear it up while you can.

Opening tonight are new punks on the block, Piss Phantom. There’s something special, but certainly not pretty, about this Buffalo band and their down-and-dirty, DIY sound that will take you by storm. Expect to hear ear-bleeding material off their just-released EP, Piss Takes Two, that’s a one-two knockout punch of raw guitar riffs and stark-raving-mad vocals. Check them out and tinnitus be damned.

Rounding out the bill and backed by a full band is Buffalo’s Joe Cardina and his delicious homemade recipe of lo-fi rock and roll, Dogs in Stereo. Doors are at 8p with music at 9p. Tickets are $5.