Must-see Troy, NY grunge rockers, Candy Ambulance, make their much-anticipated return to Buffalo tonight for a party hosted by Milkie’s on Elmwood.

Candy Ambulance has a well-earned reputation for putting on a killer set you don’t want to miss. This badass and charismatic tripod, composed of singer and guitarist Caitlin Barker, bassist Jesse Bolduc, and drummer Jon Cantiello, is fueled by pure passion and alcohol. Barker lets her booze-soaked vocals stumble everywhere from a soft sincerity to a snotty snarl. Laid underneath are live-wire riffs and catchy drumbeats layered by Bolduc and Cantiello that will get your BAC pumping. Catch them while you can for a blackout good time.

Also taking the stage is local raw indiemo act, Passed Out. Sing and dance your feelings out to their irresistible records filled with life and heartache. Perfect for the recently dumped; Passed Out are sure to put on an awesome set that will strike a chord no matter the stage of grief you’re in.

Kicking off tonight’s party are hometown sad rockers, West Ferry. Doors at 7pm, music at 8pm. Tickets are $5.