“Vivipary” is the name of both CAGES‘ new album and a biological condition. Vivipary, because I am sure you wondering, means “development of the embryo inside the body of the mother, eventually leading to live birth.” Thanks, Wikipedia.

I could clumsily try to walk you through how that process is mirrored on CAGES’ Vivipary, but I’d rather just ask you to sit with the image: the embryo growing inside the body, morphing from a distended hunk of cells into a semi-translucent thing with eyes into a fetus as alien as it is human which is finally, agonizingly brought into into a cruel and arbitrary world, a crying hunk of flesh covered in the primal slime and detritus of birth (and that’s if the embryo is lucky!).

To me, that’s not a bad analogy for CAGES’ music. It’s beautiful and powerful in the terrifying, inhuman way that nature is. It pertains to us, as people, but it doesn’t feel like it needs us. That’s what makes it exciting.

CAGES’ release show for Vivipary is tonight at 8:00 pm at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. I have no idea what they are going to be like live. But they’re obviously not content with compromising or doing anything halfway, so I have no reason to doubt them.

They’ll be playing two sets, joined by Wooden Cities and Gas Chamber. Music is going to start at 8:15 sharp, so don’t be late. Tickets are 10 bucks. Facebook event here.